He never slept much. He heard things others can’t. Even in the silence of space, with nothing but the steady hum of electricity and oxygen generators, he reached past the boundaries of space and time into something science cannot measure.

Some people feel strange and unsettled, looking into his eyes. They claim he appears soulless, hollow, always staring a thousand yards away. But perhaps the most unsettling thing was that he wouldn’t give up that resigned smile of his, looking as though he’d seen the end of the universe time and time again and could only stand back and watch it burn.

Something weighed on his shoulders and he was too weak to carry it alone.

This post shows my usual process when designing a new character. I knock around a basic visual idea, color schemes, etc. then tweak things until they look unique enough from my other characters as represented in my art style.

I ended up settling on the albino color scheme, and I’m trying to mold his face to make him look unique.

This guy has several names and I can’t decide what he should be called. My current favorite names are Onus, Teher, Taakka, and Tyahar. Which do you like best?